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World’s Largest Non Polar Icefields


Have you ever wanted to see another world? This is your chance! 


Kluane National Park boasts the largest non polar icefields in the world! Which means on a hot summer day you will look out your window at an amazing site – ice everywhere! Fly into the icefields of Kluane National Park where you can see the Kaskawulsh Glacier, Donjek Glacier, Stairway Glacier, Mount Queen Mary, Mount Logan…the list goes on. This is a must see experience for every Yukoner! Years down the road you will still be talking about it and if you have done it before, each flight is different, the way the light hits the mountains that day can completely change the looks from one flight to the next. Drive out to Haines Junction for the sight of a lifetime. The flight is worth a thousand Words!


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Prices are based on a minimum of 2 passengers. Remember – we can’t control the weather, so try to have more than one day available in case the first day is not a good day to fly.

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