Photo: Passage Media, Peeta Murray

About us

Who we are

Formed in 2009, Rocking Star adventures is focused on providing aerial sightseeing tours over the spectacular ice fields of Kluane National Park.

Located in the Yukon, Rocking Star Adventures offers aerial tours of rarely visited areas of the Kluane National Park and southwestern Yukon. At Rocking Star Adventures, safety is paramount. We employ a friendly staff , with professional pilots who narrate your flight, offering stories, history, and geographical information about the areas you see below. In addition to sightseeing flights, Rocking Star Adventures provides air charter services from Haines Junction and Burwash Landing, Yukon in the beautiful Kluane region.


Cessna 172 (three passengers) – Wheels

Cessna 206 (five passengers) – wheels / (four passengers) – floats

Piper PA 18 (one passenger) – Wheels, Floats, Skis

Photo Gallery

Discover why they say a photo is worth a thousand words when you enjoy a scenic aerial sightseeing tour courtesy of Rocking Star Adventures. Soar to new heights above the beautiful ice fields of the Kluane National Park & Reserve or fly along the north side of Mt. Logan in all its stunning majesty.